Macro Digital
Macro Digital

Macro Digital Imaging and Workstation

Macro Digital Imaging for Grossing and Forensic

Macro Digital Imaging and Workstation include MacroPATH pro-x(Macro digital imaging system for the grossing room) and MacroVIEW DM (Mobile Image capture for forensic, autopsy and necropsy applications)

  • Digital camera up to 10 Mpixels resolutionMilestone Medical
  • Enter specimen/patient data by barcode or by keyboard
  • Through USB port programs can be easily exported
  • Downdraft stainless steel work platform
  • Digital camera up to 10 Mpixels resolution

MacroPATH pro-x

Macro digital imaging system for the grossing room

  • MacroPATH pro xOptimized quality assurance.
  • Improved productivity and workflow.
  • Icon-driven, user friendly software.
  • Hands free operation.

The visual description of surgically excised specimens together with the sampling site forms an important component in the documentation of a patient case. Accuracy of the description depends on the vocabulary and descriptive prowess of the Pathologist or Pathologistsí Assistant, transcription of dictation also takes time and can involve additional services external to the pathology group. Since 1999, Milestone has pioneered the use of macro digital imaging systems to document the grossing procedure. Our technology has enabled laboratories to implement better quality assurance oversight, reduce specimen description time, and provide greater accuracy.

The new MacroPath pro-x is a user-friendly, high-resolution image capture system that can either be mounted to fit any existing grossing workstation or used as a shared stand-alone resource. Selected high-resolution images can be used to supplement synoptic or preformatted reports that provide essential data or clinical relevance. The stored images form a powerful database for QA, teaching and research. Connection to remote transmission facilities allows teleconferencing and telepathology consultations.

The MacroPATH pro-x can be installed in existing grossing workstation or in a
stand-alone configuration.



Macro digital imaging for advanced anatomical and forensic investigations

  • MacroVIEWDiagnostic and forensic post mortem
  • Forensic post mortem
  • Veterinary labs for necropsy of animals
  • DVI (Disaster Victim Identification)
  • Compatible with LIS and PACs systems

The MacroView DM builds on our over 15 years of digital imaging experience by dramatically improving the standardization and documentation of pathology procedures.

Capture images of whole bodies, body parts, and large organ systems.

Add visual or audio annotations to the images and also record video to create a more descriptive record of the autopsy, necropsy, or forensic case.

MacroVIEW DM can be connected via Internet to share all relevant information of the autopsy/necropsy procedures with remotely located pathologists through the new MileVIEWER software package.

MacroVIEW DM features:

  • Quickly capture images, voice notes and video clips
  • Reduce turnaround time and cost
  • Eliminate manual digital photography
  • All data stored in one case folder
  • Battery operated