Pre-Analytical Tools


Pre-Analytical Tools include BoneSTATION (advanced system for fixation and decalcification of bone tissues)

  • Optional transparent fume hood for operation with strong acids.Milestone Medical
  • Three acid resistant rack configurations with built-in stirring bar are available to fulfill all specimen sizes.
  • Rack for 30 standard cassettes.


Advanced system for fixation and decalcification of bone tissues.

BoneSTATIONA new and innovative workstation for complete control of the all important pre-analytical step.
Provides accurate, reliable diagnostic results for morphology and molecular studies.
The BoneSTATION consists of two work platforms complete with glass modules for fixation/ decalcification.

The front platform (for the decalcification step) features a heating plate with infrared sensors for automatic temperature control up to 50C and magnetic stirring. The rear platform (for the fixation step) has built-in magnetic stirring only.

Two user-friendly work platforms, for easy handling of bone specimens, complete the unit. The BoneSTATION station can be used with ANY type of fixative/decalcifier, even with strong mineral acids (HCl - HNO3), as all contact surfaces are either glass or PTFE polymer. The magnetic stirrer assures homogeneity of temperature throughout the solution.
The PTFE cover condenses vapors, generating a reflux of the reagent for consistent and safe protocols at constant pH.
A touch-screen terminal allows the user to optimize, standardize and fully document all the processes.